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task #4 One of 33 ways on how to use blogs in education 11/05/2009

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Task #4 is to select one way of the 33 Ways to use blogs in your classroom and in the educational setting or describe a new one which I like best and connect it to any educational theory.

My choice is way #13:

“Create a blog where students describe a typical day at school. Invite other same aged students from different global locations to contribute the same type of information on the same blog. Let students ask questions and leave comments to gain cultural awareness. Students can then begin to share/compare thematic units being learned, novels being read, field trips being taken, etc.”

This is in my opinion very interesting for students, because in this manner they have the opportunity to learn a lot about other cultures and the way other students learn at school. The best is to be connected with students all around the world. Because the bigger the distance between the locations of the schools is the more interesting and exciting the project is.

This reminds me of the school exchanges which are typical for Germany. The schools I know arrange it with french schools when the students are in class level 8 or 9.  Mostly it is more effort than fun for teachers and students and after the short exchange of 10 or 14 days there is no more contact between the students of both countries. It´s a pity, because students could learn more, in particular the foreign language if they stay in contact with native speakers.

So a blog in collaboration with both exchange schools/ classes could accompany the time before and after the exchange. The students would know each other better and would have a platform to communicate.