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Blogging for adults (english summery of task #5) 04/06/2009

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The following questions were asked in our last seminar meeting by a member:

  • How can adults be “taught” to use the internet not like classical media?
  • How do have educational blogs to be changed to increase active participation – and I talk only about comments and discussions?
  • What are the fears of adults to write a blog? How can they be reduced?
  • How does a virtual learning environment look like which motivates adults to write an own blog or even participate at all?
  • What does adults motivate to share their thoughts and learning experiences?

I sum up my thoughts which I wrote down in german the week before.

The first question I had was, what is meant by “classical media”. I was so focused on the internet that I thought using e-mail programs and search engines are meant. Sabine, a member of my seminar, was so kind to send me a comment where she explained me what was meant: classical media are newspaper, television etc. Thus it has nothing to do with the internet.

I think it is important to give adults reasons for participation in the internet. Selfmotivation and the recognition of pros are also important.

Adults and people, who are inhibited in using computers and internet in general, need support. They could be introduced and supported about possibilities and risks by professionals. Probably there are a lot of things in the web they don´t know about.

Maybe it´s helpful for them to start a blog within a group, e.g. at the “adult education center” (VHS). Every attendant would have the possibility to get an introduction into blogging or the like and would be attended during the learning process. The attendants could write blogs about their hobbies and interests. Beside this they could get the task to write comments to the other blogs. Therefore they could change their thoughts and give helpful suggestions to others.


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